Mercedes C-class (2015) Nurburgring spy shots


The new Mercedes C class has started to begin the testing of the new car.
Although both the ends of this car are heavily loaded with black cladding, however you can clearly make out the design of the car with its massive badge design along with the upright grills. It may appear to you that the car is just ready to be launched in the market, but don’t get carried away with the changes that are brought about in the C-class range. The fact is that the new W205 car will actually won’t be launched till 2015. So you can think that the Mercedes C class will actually be taking the designing part from the Mercedes cars.
Yes very much. The main idea of making the customers to buy the mini S-class is actually has a major role to play in appealing the customers towards the C-class. However this car be inheriting a lot of features from other models of Merc. The most common and the grille which was first used in the SLS has been further grafted onto SLK, SL and CLS, therefore you can expect the Merc’s baby saloon to also get the similar kind of treatment.
There will be some major changes that will be brought about in the tail lights of this car, however one should not expect the C-class model of 2015 to be rakish. Instead of this Mercedes will get on to creating a junior of CLS in the shape of CLA, which is the entry level car that is scheduled to be launched in 2013.
It can undoubtedly be stated that one can expect to see a lot of new models of Mercedes to be launched in the near future.
The CEO, Dr Dieter Zetsche of Moustachioed Mercedes lately confirmed that the company is planning to launch atleast  10 new models by the year 2020. The CLS Shooting Brake, which was the first model has already been viewed by us. The other ones that Merc is planning are X6-fighting coupe ML, the aforementioned mini-CLS (CLA) coupaloon and estate version, plus several A-class variants, and even a soft-top CL, akin to 2006’s Ocean Drive concept.
The S-class model will get on to becoming a seven model lineup, which would be including the four different versions of wheelbase that will cover up the lag that was left by the failing model of luxury arm Maybach. You can click here to get more details on the new range of S-class limousines of Mercedes.
Mercedes has especially made Renault to provide the entry level petrol units for its smaller cars. There will be 1.4litre engine either with 100bhp and 136bhp and 1.6 litre engine with 122 bhp diesel that will be launched. The remaining models that will be launched will be having the direct injection powerplans from the C class.


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