Mercedes-Benz GLA crossover spotted


A couple of months back in July, Mercedes was spotted as they officially confirmed their plans for their new compact crossover and now they are actually making their new model public. The new GLA-class is finally taking a crossover, the A-class and the B-class models are similar to the new GLA-class yet it is supposed to go up against the BMW X1. The curios people from the spy shots perceived the GLA to be a sportier, rounded shape that is going to fit in better with the A-class and is supposed to hit the markets in USA in 2013. The new class of Mercedes will have wide door openings, improved accommodation for the rear occupants. In addition to all that, it will have a sunroof stretched all the way to the C-pillar. The GLA Mercedes is being built along with the A-class and B-class models in Germany and will hit the production in 2014. The A class and B-class and GLA class production platform will highlight the CLA class four door sedan and SLA class roadster. There is still no news on GLA being offered in US, but the recent stories show hat B class will only be available in US and that leaves plenty of scope in Mercedes lineup for the utility vehicles.


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