Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet 2014 version has been tested


The all new Mercedes-Benz E-class Cabriolet has been unveiled for test. It is a coupe model with a four seater design. The car is equipped with a folding canvas roof so that the passengers can enjoy the open air. The car gives the feel of a luxury sedan with an open top. The car has a posh exterior and a welcoming and deluxe exterior. There is an air cap system which significantly reduces the air turbulence. The interior of the car is leather bound. It is fully climate controlled. So that the front seat passengers get a relaxing feeling there are belt busters. There is the AirScarf and head rests system to keep the neck warm all the time. There are many enhanced and high quality equipments to make the journey comfortable and enjoyable.
There are sculpted rear seats that can comfortably accommodate four adults. The boot can also hold the luggage for four adults. The glove box is of decent size. There is enough center space. You can also find cup holders at the rear seat and door pockets at the front side. The car comes in a range of economical and petrol engines.


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