Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Seen in Testing


It is only a few days since the next generation Merecedes-Benz C-class AMg was seen testing in the codl weather and now the wagon version of the car has been seen too. It has been a while since it has been seen out in testing but it looks like it will be more aggressive than the previous version of the car.
It is expected that the power for the C63 AMG will come from a 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 providing 450 and 500 horsepower, in fact the same one that it is being said will be used in the sedan. The car has a lot of camouflage and so it is hard to see much of it. However, the car does seem to share some of the style that was seen in the four door version such as the quad exhausts, lower ride height and the large front air dam. It does look like there is a rear spoiler on the roof of the car as well.
There are also some questions about the car which are yet to be answers and these are the same that were asked about the AMG sedan. For example the C63 name may not be carried over because the car has a smaller engine which the original name was called after. There is no debut date for the car but it expected that it will seen in the spring of 2015 at the latest. There is not even a standard version of the new wagon for sale in Europe and so it is completely unknown as to exactly which parts of the world the car will be available in.


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