Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate Black Series Expands Black Portfolio, Tugs at Our Heartstrings


The most obvious thing about this newer Mercedes – Benz model is the fact that it has an unusually long name. However, it has a sinister deposition to accompany its long name. Also, based on the photos you can see that it has an extreme cargo capacity.
Our photographers have been able to catch a glimpse of the C63 AMG Estate. It has now been classified at Black Series status. It has similar features to those seen in the C63 Black Series couple. Also, we do not feel as though it has been camouflaged.
Currently, the only model that is at Black Series status happens to be the two door version of the C63 AMG – in the C class anyways. However, we feel it is not a good chance of this car making it to the U.S. but we do still feel it is a beauty. Previously, we spotted the C63 AMG Black Series sedan so we think that the whole C63 models will be listed at the Black Status.
You can expect this Black Series wagon to come with some serious coupe upgrades such as, a 510 hp V8 engine, wider tracks and rubber, upgraded brakes and even adjustable coil overs. We probably want have a chance to get our hands on the BS wagon but we will have the Black Series sedan at our finger tips – there is always the coupe as well.


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