Mercedes-Benz C-Class Wagon Looks to be Almost Road Ready


The next Mercedes C-class has been spotted a lot of times by spy photographers, It has often been seen in Sedan form but a Wagon has also been seen outside the research and development centre in Germany. It did have some disguise, but still looked promisingly ready.
It looks very much like the Sedan from just before the rear wheels to the front grille but as the sides are disguised it may be that there is something different under there. It may be character lines, which were also hidden on the sedan until recently.
Most of the camouflage is at the back and so the styling cannot be deciphered. It will have a lengthened roof of course, which can be seen as well as a hatch and more space in the back for luggage. The taillights are difficult to make out as they seem to look rather different to the Sedan. They may slope upwards more and take up a different amount of space. The Sedan lights are in the back of the quarter panels but the wagons look like they may be on the hatch and quarter panels. There is also some camouflage on the quarter glass of the rear doors which implies there may be some changes taking place there as well.
There have been various guesses as to when the Sedan may be debuted, perhaps at Detroit Auto Show next year or the Geneva Motor Show in March. It will be later when the wagon makes an appearance though, possible as late as October at the Paris Motor Show.


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