Mercedes Benz C-class Pictured


Mercedes Benz C-class Pictured
The Mercedes Benz C-class, being an entry model has not really shown anything of that much interest. It would be expected to be pretty basic. The AMG C63 models are rather exciting, but apart from that it seems that it will just be a cheap Mercedes, as many are labelling it. There is nothing specifically wrong with it, but there is better competition from Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series for the money that you have to pay for it.
These latest pictures have been taken by CarPix and they show that the C-class will be more dramatic than previous models. It is visually more interesting and although it is well camouflaged there are a few clues to this, such as the sleeker headlamp design. The size will also be a bit larger so that it is more distinguishable from the CLA but as lighter materials will be used, it will not be that much heavier than the previous model.
It is expected that this new model will have four and six cylinder engines, like the current one with petrol and diesel options. It is also expected for the power to go from 120-330 depending on the engine chosen. It is expected that the new engines will have more forward and lower placement so that there will be better balance. This will improve things for both the rear wheel drive and the 4-matic all wheel drive options. It is also rumoured that the AMg will have a 4.0 litre V8, but time will tell!
It is expected that the new C-class will be shown later in the year at Frankfurt or maybe not until March in Geneva.


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