Mercedes-Benz B-Class AMG


Currently, we still do not know whether or not the Mercedes Benz B Class is going to be available to United States drivers. The older one was available in Canada so it is a possibility that they allow the States to experience this brand new car this time as well. Now that we have obtained these pictures one thing that is for sure is that the people in the states will be lusting for this car. We are personally awaiting this little B Class’s arrival because we have heard that they have something extra special in mind.
Currently, there are rumors circulating that state it will be called the “B25 AMG”. It is supposed to have a turbocharged 2.0 liter inline and is said to be able to reach between 320 and 350 horsepower.  However, we do not know how many speeds will be available but we do know it will feature a dual clutch transmission.
When taking a look at this amazing car based on appearance of this car it is easy to see that the AMG is very different from the standard B Class. It features larger wheels and low profile tires, big brakes and the front even looks more aggressive. With all of this class we know drivers in the US would love to get their hands on this beauty.



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