Mercedes Benz 2014 S-class Cabriolet, a glimpse obtained – Thanks to the spy photographers…


There are just a few reports and guesses regarding the launch of the cabriolet model of the Merc’s future generation’s flagship version.  All the credit goes to the sleuth pictures of the S-class Cabriolet 2014 which revealed a few details regarding it, one of them being, it is tenably grounded on the concept shown in 2007 – the Ocean Drive Concept.The 2014 S-class cabriolet has supposedly adopted the 2007 concept’s fabric ceiling, yet, the new model is said to have just 2 doors. It is likely that the 2014 Merc Cabrionet would also incorporate the system, which would drive in warm air by the ventilates made within all the four seats, called the Airscarf Neck warming Technology.
However, when it comes to the choice given in the engine types, only a few of the regular cars are built with the effective V12 block.


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