Mercedes AMG GT goes undercover in Zubaz camo


Earlier this month, heads turned and gasps swept across one of Barcelona’s most crowded streets as an oven fresh new Mercedes Benz model was seen cruising along. With a flamboyant paint job of green and black stripes, the car thought to be the latest union between Mercedes and AMG that will replace the well-known SLS in a short period of time. While there is no confirmed model name for the latest version, there is speculation that it will simply be named the SLC or AMG GT.
Luckily, several photos were snapped to provide a better glimpse of what to expect from the successor of the SLS. You can gain a good idea of its shape and its close resemblance to the previous model from the front. From the behind, you will see a little more distinction with a more modern and classy touch to its rounded rear which hasn’t changed from the SLS.
While there is no mention of a formal date of unveiling the new masterpiece to the public, it should be released in the very near future. Enthusiasts are eyeing the Grand Prix in July scheduled to happen in Germany as a very probable event for the car to be released. The car will feature 4 litre v8 engine churning out almost 500 horsepower. The flashy stroll in the Barcelona streets suggests that creating buzz about the car has already begun.


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