Mercedes-AMG C63 S Convertible Will Develop 503 Units of Horsepower


car spy photos Mercedes-AMG C63 S Convertible 2017

In two days, the automobile exhibition will take place in New York, where Mercedes will reveal its Convertible AMG C63. However the company is still working on the last touches of the automobile, as it was seen by spies doing the test drive.

Like its siblings, the Convertible will operate on the V8 engine for four liters in pair with turbochargers and will be disposable in two variants– the 510 PS option for 503 units of horsepower and the 700 version for 516 units of horsepower. Both variants will get a regular AMG transmission for seven speeds and will be driving on back wheels.

On car spy photos Mercedes-AMG C63 S Convertible 2017 we can see that the automobile will have alloy wheels for 19 inches and red brake carriages. Also, both options will have shorter air inlets on the front bumper, cambers on the arches of wheels, and the pipes in the quad shape in the corners of the back diffusor.

The automobile is built on the platform made of steel and aluminum of a back wheel drive.

The automobile will be disposable for purchase in the end of this year.


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