Mercedes A25


In spring 2012 you can expect the new A- class to be released. Insiders are referring to this car as the A25. Daimler is the one who is planning to release a trio of these hot hatches which will also introduce full bore AMG models which are the smallest Benz’s.
The hot hatch A-class
This new sporty model is nothing to laugh about. It is nothing like the A – class of yore instead it is more like the VW Golf. These pictures that you are seeing are basically what you can expect when the car is finally released.
So how fast?
This A25 is expected to be powered by the 40bhp 2.0 liter twin scroll turbo four cylinder. This means that this model is going to have a very high output for an A – class. The power is going to be controlled by a seven speed dual clutch transmission and even standard 4Matic four wheel drive which includes a Haldex VC unit that will make sure you do not fry your front tires.
A trio of Mercedes
In the future we will find the A25, the CLC25 coupe, and the GLC25 baby SUV. Currently, we do not know when the A25 AMG will be released but we can imagine that it will be after the regular A – class has been released.  Also, the B25 AMG is also being tested but it is not currently ready for production as of yet.


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