Mercedes A-class joined by CLA coupe, shooting brake and GLA SUV


Mercedes expects to enter and rule the downsized premium cars with its new A-class family models. The all new small models of Mercedes are now just a few months way from being launched. The four-door Mercedes CLA is expected to go in production in the early months of the year 2013. The model would be manufactured in the new state-of-the-art assembly plant in Kecskemet, Hungary.The CLA will be launched in the market when it will have to compete with models like the 2013 Audi A3 Sport sedan and the 2014 BMW 1-series GT in the same segment. The new CLA is expected to have Sport, Exclusive and AMG packs, dual-clutch transmission, dynamic chassis control, Haldex-operated 4Matic 4wd system, Smartphone support and etc.
Mercedes A-class shooting brake
After twelve months, in early 2014, the company is all set to launch the five-door shooting brake version of the A-class. It will be designed on the lines of the four door coupe launched at the 2012 Beijing motor show as a concept form but would be a wagon spin-off. The model aims to compete with the A3 Sport back and forthcoming 1-series Touring.
Mercedes GLA: the baby off-roader
The A-class series will then be enhanced by the new GLA crossover in the autumn of year 2014. The new model would be an impeccable combination of style and functionality. The car would target the same audience as that of the BMW X1 and the upcoming Audi Q4. The car is powered by the new MFA architecture that is a combination of the front- and four-wheel drive applications. The same would also be used by Magna Steyr in Graz to build the compact Infiniti.
The model will hit the markets in 2015 and will zoom in on the X1/X2 and the Q3/Q4. The car is spacious enough when compared to the similar models by BMW and Audi as it incorporates a 2700mm wheelbase. Although when compared keeping in mind measurements like length, height and width it reveals that the Mercedes is a little lower than its competitors.
Early sketches indicate that new model would be very different from the GLK and would have a cleaner design like coupé. The front end has a grille has two horizontal bars that would be present on all the coming MB SUVs and crossovers from now on.
Engines in the new A-class derivatives
Compared to other models of the same A-class series, the CLA and GLA will not have the same 1.2-litre petrol engine or the 90bhp diesel one developed in association with Renault. The customers would be given an option to pick from any of the three variant of the petrol engine:
• 1.6-litre, 122bhp/148lb ft
• 2.0-litre, 170bhp/184lb ft
• 2.2-litre, 211bhp/258lb ft
And three diesel engines:
• 1.6-litre, 109bhp/192lb ft
• 2.2-litre, 136bhp/221lb ft
• 2.2-litre, 170bhp/258lb ft
Not yet confirmed but likely to be added at a later stage is the top-of-the-line oil-burner. In terms of alternative drivetrains, M-B has reportedly axed the, scrapping all 37 prototypes at a total cost of. Instead, R&D is now concentrating on the
Although, there has been no official announcement but the CLA/GLA250 CDI equipped with the 204bhp/368lb ft would be added after some time. As alternative drive trains, the company plans to incorporate a 177bhp range extender thereby discarding the 37 prototypes worth €18.5m. The company is now focusing on the 143bhp/214lb ft fuel-cell, on the 156bhp NGT natural gas engine and plug-in hybrid whose specifications are yet to be revealed.


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