McLaren P1 XP2R Photographed


The McLaren P1 has been pictured during some laps of the Nurburging. The shots may not look anything special however, there is a graphic on the car which reads XP2R Prototype vehicle.
This could perhaps be a new McLaren with an ion engine. Or a car powered with a special substance? Probably not, but it is expected that it is the tester for a quicker version of the McLaren P1 or perhaps an endurance car to replace their 12C racer.
It is anybody’s guess although there do not seem to be many racing features which lead to the conclusion to be drawn that it is probably a new version of the P1. This is because the windows are not Lexan but glass and the aerodynamics are not that impressive. The cabin also seems to be free of racing safety features, although this is not that easy to see in the pictures.
It may be, of course, that McLaren have just put an old P1 test car out to trick people in to thinking that there is something new going on when there is not. Time will tell…!


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