McLaren P1 Supercar Information


At the 2012 Paris Motor Show the new 2013 P1 Supercar from McLaren was showcased. It is normally expected that cars will change a fair bit before they are released, but some spy photos taken by CAR magazine show that there do not seem to be many changes in the car. It will make its debut in the spring.
The photos show the that the car looks very similar even down to the ‘tick’ headlights which are cut into the car in a greatly exaggerated scallop fashion. The air scoop with its snorkel shape, which feeds air to the engine is also looking very similar. It is expected that the engine will be an upgraded version is the MP4-12C’s 3.8 litre V8 but McLaren have not revealed any details of it. Hybrid Details
This car will be a hybrid and there are some details of how this will work. It is believed that the turbocharged V8 engine will produce 700bhp with an additional 100bhp provided from electric motors. The photos show the back of the P1 which includes the complex wing. This is believed to be able to slide back and forth by 3cm and swivel by 29 degrees which will enable it to be more aerodynamic. It will even be able to change this depending on the race track that the car is on and do this automatically. This will be done using the GPS sat-nav detector to determine where the car is. There will also be flaps behind the front wheels which will adjust the air flow and that will reduce drag. This is the first time that this has ever been put on a road car and 600kg of downforce will be produced when it is driven at 180mph.
P1 vs F1
The P1 will differ from the F1 car in that it will have two seats in the front rather than one central seat that is preferred for the F1 cars. The Automative Chief of McLaren, Antony Sheriff had explained that having three seats makes the car very difficult to get in and out of and so they decided to change the layout to make things a lot easier.


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