McLaren MP4-12C convertible (2012): the first spy photos?


These pictures were taken from a kilometer away but we feel that the McLaren MP4-12C spider is still able to be seen fairly easily.  Also, our sources have confirmed that a convertible version will be release soon.

How do you know this is the 2012 McLaren MP4-12C roadster?
You are able to tell that this is the real deal due to the fact that you can see the roof and the windscreen header rail connecting together. Also, there is camouflage around the rear that is consistent with the convertible supercar roof.
Currently, we believe they are in the process of making a folding hard top roof such as the one featured in the Ferrari 458 Spider’s. However, when the test car is release it may only be equipped with a hard top cover over the canvas roof. Also, even though it has not been confirmed yet we think that this is going to be a coupe convertible.
What’s the plan at McLaren?
Sometime this week you can expect to see the new McLaren Production Centre. Currently, one of the spokesmen does not want to share to much information about this model but he did tell us that they are planning to launch a new model or a upgraded model evry year until the middle of the decade. He didn’t say the new McLaren MP3-12C was going to be a convertible directly but we were lead to believe that it will be one.


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