Mazda2 2015 Seen on the Road


The Mazda2 has awakened excitement in many people since the Hazumi Concept appeared at the Geneva Motor Show. It looks like the Hazumi will very much keep a lot of the character that makes the current Mazda2 stand out from its competition. It may look more aggressive though but will look a bit different to the Hazumi concept of course.
The first look at the new mazda2 comes as a result of some spy photographs that were taken while it was on a road. However, there was a certain amount of camouflage to disguise it. The grille and headlight shape can be made out though and these look like the concept car. The shape looks like that of the concept but with the disguise it is hard to tell for sure.
Of course, there is nothing that can be seen with regards to what is powering the car. The spy photographers did have some information about this though. They said that there would be a pair of  1.5 litre SkyActiv engines. One is a petrol powered one which is found in the Mazda3 in its European spec form. This [produces 99 horsepower and 111 lb/ft torque which is similar to the current car. The other engine would be a diesel which may not be appearing at all.
It is expected that the car will appear at the 2014 Paris Motor Show ready to appear on the market early next year.


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