Mazda 6 (2013) – The New and Stylish Family Car


Mazda 6 (2013) – The New and Stylish Family Car
Mazda is introducing some of the amazing concept car fizz with its 6 range, the new family car of 2012. The car model was able to draw the attention heavily at the Tokyo motor show of the last autumn. According to the company experts there will be very minor changes such as the mirrors and handles.
However, it is not just the sassy style of the new model that makes it noticed, apart from this, there are also many other amazing features and specifications that makes this beauty to stand out from the crowd. It also comes with the SkyActiv engineering philosophy second production car borne. It carries the Gram strategy that is shaved from the MX-5. The firm is also building all its road cars with the weight-obsessed SkyActiv blueprint.The Skyactiv Technology of Mazda 6:
The Skyactiv technology that is incorporated in Mazda 6 supports a lightweight modular architecture. It is available in both petrol as well as diesel engines.  The company also considers these engine specifications are as frugal as the hybrid models. The 2.2 turbodiesel of Taker is capable of spitting out 173bhp as well as a 310lb ft. Apart from these, Mazda also claimed 104g/km of CO2.
Therefore, when you ride the new 6, you will be able to achieve such cleanliness. This is mainly due to the fact that it sports the SkyActiv staples like the regenerative braking, stop/start as well as the low-friction components. The breaking system that comes with Mazda also harnesses energy when you will apply the brakes. Moreover, it will also store the energy in a capacitor, which helps in running the electric system of the car.
Mazda 6 Debut at 2012 Paris motor show:
If you are planning to hit the Paris motor show of this autumn, you can expect to see the new 6 series model of Mazda. According to the experts, the model will be available with the UK dealers during the early months of 2013. You also have options with the bodystyles when it comes to Mazda 6 models. For instance, you will be able to opt for the five door hatchback or the sleek tourer model. The company is quoting £18,500 for base models.
Although Mazda is losing their money globally, it is trying to build the way out of the hole with its new products, which is luring the customers away from the mainstream brands such as Vauxhall and Ford as well as the mid market types like Honda and Volkswagen.
The CX-5, which will be launched this summer is considered to be the first of newcomers. The 6 series will be arriving next. The company is also planning to replace all its model range by 2016.



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