Mazda 3 Shots Show-Off New Design


It seems like the new Kodo design language will be present on all of the new line up of Mazda cars from looking at the latest pictures of the new Mazda 3.Although the CMazda 6 Sedan and X-5 Crossover do have great new designs, it seems like the C-segment cars will go back to a design more like the Nagare.
From the pictures, it is not easy to see what the car will look like. It has even been suggested by those taking the shots that it could be a version of the Ford C1 platform that they were seeing. There are guesses that it could be the one used in the CX-5 crossover but just reworked a bit. It does seem that it is likely to have some weight saving features though. It is likely that there will be measures to help it become more fuel efficient as well as produce more economies of scale in the parts. It is anybody’s guess at the moment really. With the car still being well disguised in testing and no information available about what might be under the bonnet, nothing is clear.
The car will be arriving in 2015 and so this means that the final production vehicle might be ready this tear. It is expected that there will be a four door sedan debuted at the same time and then probably a Mazdaspeed version following along soon after.


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