Many New Models Planned for Volkswagen


Many New Models Planned for Volkswagen
Volkswagen have not been seeing very good sales in the US lately and have been planning to try to increase them with a selection of new models. The first will appear in 2015 and there will be a seven seater SUV, 4×4 Tiguan and a Passat coupe.
The SUV is a highly demanded vehicle in the US as well as in Russia and China and therefore there is a good market for them to aim for here. It will be a CrossBlue 4×4 and offered in 2016 with the options of five or seven seats. It is larger than the Touareg which is the ultimate SUV offerered by VW but it will be cheaper than it, if rumours are correct.
The next Touareg will still share the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne but the new SUV will be based on a MQB-B platform which is the one that will be under the new 2015 Passat. It cannot fit a six cylinder engine in though which means that the new SUV will have a turnocharged four pot petrol and diesel engine options and may have some plug-in electric power as well in the same way as the Golf GTE hybrid hot hatch.
It is expected that it will be boosted to manage somewhere between 230 and 300bhp but even this will mean that it will not be as powerful as some of the Japanese and American car makers who have V6 engines in their SUV’s.
It is also expected that in 2015 there will be a version of the Mk2 Tiguan with a longer wheelbase. This will be based on the MQB platform as well and it is expected that as a result of this there will be likely to be a big investment in US based car plants. This will allow them to increase the production capacity of the mid size models but if they do not choose to do this in the US, Mexico could be another useful option for production facilities.
It is also thought that there will be a Jetta Estate appearing fairly soon. This will be just under the Golf Estate in the line up. There will be a Jetta Estate Alltrack 4×4 as well which will be taller and clad in plastic which will be rather like a cheap Audi A4 Allroad. This will be used to tempt buyers away from mainstream cross overs.
There are also plans that there will be a Passat coupe as well, although this has not been approved yet. This would be a smaller version of the CC coupe with a restyle and could have the Alltrack trim. Nothing is for definite yet though.
This big push in the US market is due to slow sales in that area despite success in Europe. In the US buyers prefer annual updated models but VW uses a six year model cycle which is typical in Europe and face lifts in between the updates. If it wants to compete in the US it will need to do updates a lot more often.


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