Long wheelbase Range Rover Spotted


A Range Rover with a long wheelbase has been seen testing in the UK and it looked to be almost ready for the showroom.
Although the model being tested had some disguising, there was no hiding the enormous size of it. The normal wheelbase is 2922mm and this one adds an extra 150mm which means that the length of the car will be over five meters. That is some huge vehicle!
It might be expected that this extra length will affect the of the road performance of the car. It will change the break over angles a little, but it will still be capable of a decent off road performance. That small difference will be well worth it because the inside is luxurious. Not only is it large, but it has reclining seats for every passenger each with massage function. There will be bespoke options for the cabin trim. If you consider the normal Range Rover is larger than the last by 120mm of leg room, you can only imagine how much more this one offers. It will certainly have limousine like comfort and the chauffeured passengers will feel extremely spoilt.
Due to the size of the car it will not be aimed at a UK market as it will just not fit on the roads comfortably. It has been made with the Russians and Chinese in mind. They have a lot more space as well as having the money and the growing driving culture. The US is also likely to have a lot of interest as well as they are already the place that buys the most Range Rovers.
In the test shots, the car has a 3.0 litre Supercharged V6 Jaguar engine which can do 335bhp and produces 332lb/ft of torque. The engine is already in the XJ limo and will be put in to the Discoverys that are headed for the US market in 2014. There will also be an option of a 5.0 litre V8 petrol and a V8 turbodiesel for European markets. It is expected that there will be a hybrid version with a diesel engine and a turbocharged V6 oil burner that will make its debut next year.
The expected price is a bit of a guess but it expected that it will be around the £150,000 mark. There as never been a Range Rover priced this high and it will therefore be competing against the Rolls Royce Ghost and the Mercedes S65 AMG.


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