Lexus LF-A racing version caught on tests


 Lexus LF-A

With recent appearances of the Lexus LF-A prototype production version becoming a common occurrence in and around the N?rburgring area, spy photographers have caught something special in its wake. Never seen before, an LF-A prototype in race trim was spotted wearing a more purposeful aerodynamics kit which includes a redesigned front bumper with stacked front winglets or dive planes on the sides, smaller Le Mans Prototype style mirrors and dramatic fixed rear wing. Other significant observations include revised headlamps, lower bumper mounted fog lamps, hood pins, wavy body panels indicating composite or plastic material, roll cage and most importantly a quick-access fuel filler cap behind the passenger side window with carbon fiber mounting panel.

Lexus LF-A Le mans

Our spy sources have heard rumours that Lexus will use the upcoming legendary 24-hours race at the German N?rburgring in May to launch the all-new LF-A to the public. Given all of these revealing details, perhaps they’re not rumours after all. However, it won’t be the production car that debuts but instead this aggressive race variant. So, if it’s a race car, then why is it strutting around on public roads? Simply because the 24 Hours N?rburgring is a unique race that allows vehicles ranging from regular road cars, European Touring Car Championship, German Touring Car (DTM) and of course Le Mans GT cars.


There’s no doubt that the LF-A will be a hyper car of delirious proportions, but with the likes of a Nissan GT-R V-Spec and GT-R Super GT grabbing all the headlines lately, it’s no surprise Toyota wants a piece of the action.

Source: worldcarfans



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