Lexus IS F Coupe Getting Ready

Lexus IS F Coupe

It looks like Lotus is getting ready to release its IS F Coupe now that the IS Sedan is established. Recent spy pictures show what we might expect from the car as well. These are the first pictures that have been taken of it.
The two door car is camouflaged of course and so not everything can be seen. However, it is obvious that the front will have a more aggressive look. The roof line also looks more slinky and the rear more pert. It has the IS grille and it is expected that the headlights will be something like the 2014 IS slash design, although they are covered up in the pictures.
There are large slotted brake rotors which give an indication of performance expectations as do the large calipers. There are also quad exhaust tips and a spoiler that can be retracted, on the back.
There have been no announcements with regards to the engine and so this will be a bit of a guess, at least for now. The current 5.0 lire engine is unlikely to meet the emission standards for Europe which means that there will be likely to be a change. The BMW M4 is rumoured to be having a turbocharged V6 and so it is likely that they will match this. The hood scoop could support this theory too and it would be expected that it would be capable of over 450hp.


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