Lexus GS F Photos Taken


An undisguised Lexus GS sedan has been spotted and photographed. It has F-style high performance gear. This particular brand is very similar to Mercedes Benz AMG or BMW M range. They have only put out the IS F sedan and the LFA supercar as well as some F Sport branded levels for other cars. The GS Sedan currently has the GS350, GS350 F Sport and GS450h hybrid.
This test car shows that there will be a GS f sedan model which will continue the trend by the company of having an F sub-brand. They will also have an RC F which is a variant of the IS coupe sibling and this will come out next year. The introduction of a super sedan will mean that customers will have an alternative to the Audi S6, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or BMW M5.
The GS F would have a restyled chassis and the body would also be enhanced. It is expected that it will be tested on the Nurburgring a lot as any performance vehicle needs to be able to show that it is up to the title. It will have styling that is pumped up a bit from the original model and some of this can be seen in the photos that were taken. The rear diffuser and rear lip spoiler have both been vamped up and the exhaust finishers look like an F class styling. It is expecting the front will have a more stylish look as well but it is not visible in these shots.
The powertrain cannot be seen of course, but a guess can be made about it. Recently the RC F, which is smaller was captured on video and it sounded like an eight cylinder engine. This would imply the F series would also need one. No GS has more than six cylinders at the moment and so this upgrade would certainly make it stand out, not only above the other GS options bit also against its competition from other brands which all have twin turbo V8 engines. It is expected that the Lexus will be rear drive but it is possible that it could have a four wheel drive option to compete with the E63 AMG 4MATIC and S6.
It is expected that the reveal of this car will not be long now considering how much the prototype looks like it is ready. Therefore it could be as soon as next spring when it will be debuted and then a few months before dealers get it. It is expected that the GS350 Sport will be quite a price though, probably starting towards $70,000.


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