Lexus Chief test driver got killed on the roads around the N?rburgring today


Very sad news:

Today a horrible crash killed the chieftestdriver from Lexus on the roads around the N?rburgring. The 67 year old Japanese test driver was known as the heart and brain behind the LF-A project. He died right at the place of the accident.

While driving with a LF-A he came over on the wrong side of the road in a bend of the curvy road and collided with a BMW testcar.
In the BMW the driver and the co-driver where very badly hurt.


lexus lf-a n?rburgring edition



  1. Car of dreams as a car of death. Man who invented, developed and tested one of the most sensational cars ever, died driving the LFA-Nurburgring edition close to the famous race track! Mr. Naruse is an Legend among test drivers.


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