Less Disguised BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe Pictures


Most of the variants of the BMW 3 series are now disappearing and the 4 series is coming forwards. There are many being tested and there have been spy pictures of the basic vehicle, Convertible and M4 but these are of the Gran Coupe.
The car is long and swooping and around the same size as the 3 series GT. It does have good looks and is rather more beautiful than functional. But that is what BMW buyers tend to like.  There is some camouflage on the car still and so some is still left to the imagination. However, it is expected that the cladding on front and rear is hiding something rather like the standard model.
It is expected that the car will have pretty much the same engine set up as the rest of the Series 4 cars. It is expected that it will be revealed next year so that it will appear in showrooms as a 2015 model.


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