Less Disguise on the Ford Mustang GT350


The 2015 Ford Mustang has been looked at in a lot of detail and now it is time to look at the higher performance model. This will be replacing the Shelby GT500 and reports have said that it will be called the GT350.
There is not a lot of detail about the car still at the moment, although there is less disguise on it in the latest spy photos. The photos were taken when it was out testing. It can be seen that there is a hood mounted air scoop which could imply that there is a forced induction engine underneath. However, earlier reports did say that it would use a naturally aspirated engine to send lots of power to the back wheels so it is not clear whether they have changed their mind or whether this air scoop is misleading. The front wheels have a functional vent to the side of them to make for better airflow. There are also four huge exhaust pipes that can be very clearly seen.
It is expected that the Mustang GT350 will debut in April at the New York Auto Show as this sores[ponds with the companies 50th anniversary and so it would seem to tie up well.


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