Less Camoflage on BMW M4


The latest spy shots of the BMW M4 have shown it with less disguise. Last time it was pictured it was very covered up and now rather more is being revealed. It did look rather homely as well in the last pictures, but these reveal that it is beginning to take on more of its own personality. It is looking more like the recent rendering that was seen of it.
It does look very much like the 4 series concept that BMW revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. This is not surprising really, although a M version is likely to be a more sedate version. The photos do show that it has large wheels, quad exhaust and quite an aggressive front fascia.
The M3 Sedan will launch before this car and no powertrain details have been revealed. It has been said that the V8 will be replaced by a turbocharged six cylinder engine, but although loads of rumours have been flying round, there has been no official information yet as to what engine will be used.
The 4 series will be launched later in the year and this could help with filling in some of the gaps, although the M4 is likely to take a further year to appear as a 2015 model.


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