Less camo on the Mercedes M-Class


Less camo on the Mercedes M-Class
An updated version of the Mercedes M-class has been seen with less camouflage on than when it was less spotted. It has therefore been concluded that it is getting ready for its debut which could be at the Paris Motor Show this year. However, there has been no formal announcements with regards to this.
The disguise is now unpatterned vinyl rather than a swirly effect and it is just on front and back, which means that it is easier to see what changes have been made. This makes it look as though it is hiding head lights which might be similar to those on the new C-class and S-class vehicles. The tail lights are covered and they were not before, which may mean that changes for these are being considered. The back bumper looks different as well with the exhaust outlets being clearer to see and so this could possibly mean that it is the ML550 model.
The front grille and lower intakes are still well covered up but it does look like the grille is different and this could be changing to the look given to the newer sedans released by the company.


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