Less Camo on the Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet


Mercedes-Benz has been testing the C-Class Cabriolet with less camouflage lately. The car will enable the manufacturer to be able to compete with the Audi A5 convertible and the BMW 4 series Convertible.
It has already been said that there is a camouglaged hardtop which is fake which has a canvas roof the folds underneath. It is surprising in a way that they have not gone for a folding metal roof in the same way yjay BMW have. However, it is still expected to be very much the same as the coupe version with regards to the sheet metal in the can.
There is no date as to when the car might arrive on the market, but the models seen in testing look almost production ready. Therefore it is thought that it will be October 2014 at the Paris Motor Show that might be the latest date that it will appear, with expectations that it could possibly appear before this. At the moment it is not know where it will be built. It is expected that it will not be in Alabama though as it is expected that production for this and the coupe version will stay in Germany. It is not know why they will do this, but it is known that they are very likely to.
It is expected that there will be more test shots of the car appearing in the near future which might reveal even more about what the final version will look like.


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