Legend Edition Bugatti Veyron Seen in Alsace


The Bugatti Veyron has had many special editions since it was introduced nine years ago. The Veyron is now coming to the end of its production run with just a few dozen left but there are still some special editions left to be released.
It was last year at Pebble Beach when the Jean-Pierre Wimille edition was revealed and this was the first of a series of six small run special editions called Les Legendes de Bugatti, each of which was to have just three cars and honour an influential figure form the companies past. The next to come in the series was the Jean Bugatti edition which was unveiled in Frankfurt then the Meo Costatini in November, the Rembrandt Bugatti at Geneva and then the Black Bess in Beijing. The very last in the series is rumoured to be due for release at Pebble Beach this August which is a year after the very first one came out. It seems like a car that was recently spotted could be it.
The vehicle was seen bear to the Bugatti factory and snapped by Stephane Heilgenstein, supercar photographer. The Vitesse Roadster is yellow and black and looks like it is the Elisabeth Junek edition which was anticipated back in Februry. This is named after a female racing driver from the 1920s who drove alongside some of the best make drivers and was also known as Eliška Junková.
The tribute car has similar livery to the type Ettore’s son liked the best and is similar to that in other Veyron specials such as the one seen at the Dubai Motor Show as well as those commissioned by Bijan Pakzad; Hollywood clothier. The official details will not come out until Monterey weekend which takes place next month, but it is expected that these three cars will sell very quickly.


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