LeFerrari Based Supercar Planned for Maserati


A source for CAR magazine has reported that Masarati is going to be producing a new supercar that will replace the MC12 in 2015 and will have the LeFerrari underpinnings but without the hybrid format.It is very likely that in the same way as the MC12 it could have the same chassis as the Ferrari as well as borrowing the electrical systems and suspension but is likely to have a carbon body and a differentiation in the powerplant.
There are basically two options with regards to the power of the vehicle. LaFerrari’s 6.3 litre V12 is an option for it and it could be detuned so that it had more low end torque which is avoided by the Ferrari because it has its low revs boosted by an electric motor. However, they may decide that they want to use the Quattroportes 3.8 litre bi-turbo V8 and make a quad version of it. It would be possible to change the current 523bhp to 900bhp with the addition of a Veyron style four blower system.
It is expected that the LaMaserati will not do better than this. The MC12 was also a detuned V12 which had a slightly reduced bhp and with a top speed limit of less than the Enzo. Therefore this is expected to the case with LaFerrari as well.
The new car with have other similarities to the LeFerrari as well. It will be a fixed head coupe, for example. The MC12 had a lift out roof panel which was able to be done because of the carbon structure that was super stiff. The Maserati will be all carbon and lighter because of the lack of the electric hybrid batteries. It will also have a pared back cabin which will seat two. There will be bespoke body panels and it will have low drag focus rather than downforce.
It is expected that the price will be beyond the EURO 1 million mark like the LeFerrari was. With it beings lower, this may seem to be rather unjustified but there will only be 50 cars made and so it will be more exclusive that then 499 LeFerraris that have all already been sold.


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