Learning to Drive: 7 Ways to Keep Costs Down


When teenagers are on the verge of getting their driver’s license for the first time, factoring in costs and expenses is definitely an issue that many parents and teens face. You can learn to drive through proper instruction and the ultimate guide for drivers, but it doesn’t change the fact that getting a driver’s license costs money, and it’s usually money that you don’t have.

Learning to Drive.

As we all know, driving costs consist of more than gasoline and vehicle expenses. To help you keep your bills low while learning to drive, we have seven tips that will ensure you’ll be able to keep lower your expenses during this learning experience.

Tip #1: Choose a Driving Instructor

Right off the bat, you’ll need to spend money when choosing a driving instructor. Some instructors are going to be better than others, so you need to find the perfect person to teach you how to drive. Otherwise you’ll be at a disadvantage and it may take you longer to learn, which would require more lessons and more money out of your pocket.

Depending on your location, it might be necessary to take a certain amount of driving instruction classes before you can even apply for your driver’s license. So keep that in mind as well and find an instructor that you get along with, as well as one that has a good reputation, because you’ll spend the least amount of money if you can learn how to drive without having to take too many paid lessons.

Tip #2: Take Driving Lessons by Yourself

Learning to Drive in field.

When you apply for driving instructions, make sure you are taking the lessons by yourself. You do not want a second driver in the car because they will take away from your scheduled time.

Think about it. If you pay for a one hour lesson, but half the time is spent on another driver, you’re spending top dollar for half the instruction. So whenever you schedule a lesson with your driving instructor, make sure there are going to be no other drivers in the vehicle. And if they tell you another driver is coming along for the trip, cancel your appointment or ask for a 50% discount.

Tip #3: Extend the Length of Your Lessons

By extending the length of your driver’s lessons, you’ll learn how to drive much faster because you’ll be spending more time behind the wheel. As an example, if your typical driving lesson only lasts for an hour, pay for two hour lessons instead. This will speed up the process and you’ll get your license that much faster, which will obviously help keep your costs down over the long run.

Tip #4: Study the Driver’s Manual Thoroughly

Take Driving Lessons by Yourself.

The written driver’s test can be confusing for many new drivers. Oftentimes newbies do not spend enough time studying the driver’s manual, which can make the test that much more difficult to pass.

Instead of paying for the test and then showing up and just winging it, you should do everything in your power to prepare as best you can. You do not want to walk into this test confused because if you fail, you’ll have to pay the DMV a second time for the opportunity to take it again.

Tip #5: Discover the Best Times to Take the Driver’s Test

You might not realize this, but there are certain times when it will be cheaper to take the driver’s test than others. As an example, the weekends are very busy so you’ll never get a discounted rate on Saturday or Sunday. On the other hand, a midweek test is often discounted since they aren’t nearly as busy at the test taking site.

Tip #6: Get Additional Driving Practice with Friends and Family Members

Rather than pay for every one of your driving lessons, ask friends and family members if they will take you out on the road. You’ll be able to practice and save a whole lot of money at the same time by avoiding paying an instructor for the privilege to drive.

Tip #7: Learners Insurance

Save money on car insurance by getting added to your parents’ policy as a driving learner. Contact your insurance agent to find out about discounts and lower rates.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, learning how to drive is certainly a relatively expensive process. But if you use the tips we’ve shared today, you’ll be able to lower your expenses and save money all at the same time.


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