Leaked Images of the Porsche 918 Spyder Seen!


A patent office based in China has accidently leaked out some photos which are thought to be of the Porsche 918 Spyder. They may not be indicative of what the car will look like but if they are, then the design looks pretty much like the previous spy pictures that were taken.
The car is a hybrid and looks a little different to the prototype. The turn signals, which are positioned on the front fenders and in the headlight enclosures, have been moved to a position under the main beams of the headlamps. The door handles have also been changed to just behind the edge of the doors as opposed to horizontal latches on the doors themselves.
There were previous sightings of a 918 Spyder which has Martini themes on it and it has some extras on it which were not on this recently sighted car. These included a carbon item running from the rear fender to the diffuser as well as the front fender having carbon lips on it. However, the front elements were gone on a more recent sighting and so it is difficult to know what the car will actually end up with. It is expected, however, that the wheels will remain the same and the brake callipers, which are green will be standard on all of the models, but the magnesium wheels with ten spokes will be an option costing either $39,000 or 29,750 Euros.


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