Leaked Images of the BMW 4 Series Convertible


The BMW 4-series convertible is due to be launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. New images have been leaked showing what the new convertible and hard tops look like from pictures that look to come from some sort of brochure.  It could be an accessories brochure for the new car. There have been spy shots taken in the past but these pictures reveal the car with no camouflage for the very first time.
The images appeared on the BMW blog and have since been copied elsewhere. They show that the convertible looks similar to the 4 series coupe. This is not a surprise and it should come in the same engine options as the hard top versions which are a 240 horsepower and 300 horsepower with options of an eight speed automatic or six speed manual. However, it is not expected that have the xDrive all-wheel drive option that is available on the coupe, although it may come later. It is also expecting that it will not be a canvas roof but a folding hardtop. It will be just over a month when the car appears at the show and all will be revealed.


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