2010 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado


Japanese concern Toyota has begun to modernize the Land Cruiser Prado crossover.

2010 toyota land cruiser prado

toyota land cruiser prado 2010


  1. Have just been down to my Toyota Dealer, and viewed all the specs for the new model, which includes a 3 door version. They told me it shall be out late Nov 09.

  2. 1am in the morn. going to Waffle House for some chow (I’m easily amused and cheap to feed) Didn’t see anything I’d get a “Hard-on” over on this site…Seen neater stuff om the E-ways in Detroit just toolng around town BLAH,,,BLAH,,,,BLAH ,Yuck.Get some “NEW” stuff on here.
    Your boreing…SORRY!!
    Mark in Toledo (It ain’t the end of the world,,,but you can see it from here ,,believe Me 😉
    Donda Esta?

  3. is the price going to be reduced back her in lebanon the price o the 2010 prado is 70,000$ which is way more expensive than the 2006 till 2009 prado

  4. Don’t like the front grill, lights front and rear are too bulky. Has started to look like a Korean built machine!

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