Lamborghini SUV Imagined


Lamborghini SUV Imagined

Lamborghini has a new SUV coming up, and it is just a concept version right now. There are some current renderings, but the current five-door SUV doesn’t even have a name. It should look coupe-look, and it will have some very extra angles. These will be similar to the Aventador. It will be right at home in this sports car manufacturer’s set, insofar as an SUV can fit in well in the first place. This will be a second off-road vehicle that has been released by this company. The badly formed LM002, a child of Lamborghini’s Cheetah military car project, was out from the middle of the 1980s to the early 1990s.
Lamborghini has been thinking about a third line of models for quite some time. There were some various options like a GT car in the style of the Espada and a sedan with four doors similar to the 2008 Estoque concept. The most rational choice is the SUV, and the reason is that there is already an SUV in the history of the brand, and there is a lot of sales potential in regions like the Middle East, China, and the United States. This could become the top-selling car. Stephen Winkelmann is the boss, and he thinks so. It might be a beginner model.

The SUV by Lamborghini will be built upon the second generation Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touraeg layout, in a fashion that is similar to the Bentley SUV. The production model will be bolstered by a modified engine from the current VW Group selection of parts. The possibilities might include the Gallardo V-10 or the Lamborghini V-8. There will be some solid, rear-based, four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission to boot. There won’t be a manual option available.

The competition will be fierce. There will be the Bentley SUV, and there will also be the BMW X5 M and X6 M, along with Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Land Rover. A Maserati could also be a competitor. The Lamborghini and Bentley CEO are working closely together to make sure the two cars are not too alike.

There’s not much that could go wrong with this deal. The SUV is a large and growing market. Lamborghini is growing too. Mixing these two concepts will yield great profits. The idea has worked out well for Porsche, and Cayenne sales have spurred a lot of the 911 sales that have come in. Lamborghini should adhere its styling fashion though. The actual product might be a lot more futuristic-looking.

The price and arrival time are speculated to be 2015 and $140,000.


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