Lamborghini Jota Supercar


New Lamborghini Jota

Lamborghini Jota

New Lamborghini Jota will be built on an aluminum space frame, rather than tubular steel, as it is now. Design of supercar will remind Reventon and Estoque. Most body panels made from carbon, and the doors and roof are likely to be aluminum.

Engine of Lamborghini Jota will be installed advanced V12 engine volume of 6.5 liters and an output of about 700 hp.


  1. Lies lies lies. Im so tired of this crap. This is a picture of some idiots Lambo Murcielago LP640 after he put ridiculous looking wheels on it. Tubular steel my arse.

  2. Yo home boy its a murcielago body kit, they just testing the car they dont have a body kit for it yet. The rims is so u cant tell what type of breaks they’re using. Stop talkin smack and think for a second in ur life.

  3. with this car they might test the engine or various components. it doesn’t need to have the new body kit for that.the new car we will see in 2010 , let’s hope.

    I L O V E L A M B O R G H I N I !!!

  4. yes, they could be testing the engine or some new brakes 🙂

    I heard on Top Gear that this new lambo is going to replace the Murcielago (car that soon will go out of production).

  5. This is what people in the industry call a “Mule”. This the bodywork of a regular Murcielago. The purpose of the “Mule” is to test internal components (engine, suspension, etc) without giving away the exterior final design of the new car. All I can say is, with Audi backing up Lamborghini, a rummored Aluminum Space Frame, Carbon Fiber, and a 700HP power plant the next Lamborghini will blow everything away.

  6. As Ralph said, this is a mule. Just made to test the new engine, and other new technological and mechanical components.

  7. Guys, please read the previous comments before posting your own near dumb comment! as the previous comments note, these are not real vanity rims.. these are test wheels including cover up stuff.


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