LaFerraris Spotted at Fiorano


Ferrari is working on finishing the LaFerrari and some film has been taken of the highly anticipated car. In fact two have been spotted undergoing testing on the Fiorano Circuit, filmed by Marchettino of YouTube.
The cars look very much the same as those that were shown at the Geneva Motor Show. However the videographer explained that the exhaust system sounded louder in these disguised models than it had done on the prototype.
Therefore there could be a change on the cards for the exhaust system. However it is expected that it will have a V12 engine of 6.3 litres as well as an electric motor that will add an additional 163 horsepower. And 199 lb/ft torque. This will give it a total output of 963 horsepower so it will manage 0-62 mph in less than three seconds and will manage a top speed above 217 miles per hour.

LaFerraris Video


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