LaFerrari Seen at Nurburgring


LaFerrari was debuted at the Geneva Motor Show but recent spy shots taken of it at the Nurburgring look as if it may not be as ready as it seems. There have been rumours that it needs some finalising and when it is seen on the Nurburgring with camouflage on, it would seem that those rumours might have some truth in them.
It may be that the car is just being finalized a little bit with a few tweaks being made to the design. However there could be other reasons for this camouflaged car being seen on the track, although the above is the most likely. It could be that this car is in fact a prototype of the successor to the Maserati MC12 and the camouflage is hiding some Masarati specific designs. It could be a prototype of a variant of LaFerrari perhaps an Enzo based one. This is unlikely though.
The reasons for these alternative theories are not just because of the camouflage. The car in question had a different exhaust and it was possible to compare it to the undisguised LaFerrari that it was driving beside and it was a lot louder. It would seem odd timing to produce a variant though, especially as the original is not even on sale yet, but Ferrari have released track only versions of their cars .


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