2012 Lada Granta Hybrid version ???


A new model Lada Granta, which should be on sale later this year, already in 2012, will receive four-wheel drive hybrid version, said a source at AvtoVAZ. The car will be used by two electric motors with a capacity of 27 kW. Prices for the car will start from 15,500$ (450 thousand rubles).

lada granta hybrid

1.6-liter turbo power of 200 hp actuates the front wheels, while the electric motors to 27 kW rotate the rear. The lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Bosch, located under the rear seat.

Lada Granta Hybrid is expected to cost 450 thousand rubles, which will cost much more expensive car with a conventional engine, but still remains the best offer in the class of vehicles with hybrid plants.

2012 lada granta hybrid

The same source reports that fuel consumption Lada Granta Hybrid is 4 liters per 100 kilometers, which is only 0.1 liters more than the Toyota Prius. The car can also be recharged from household 220V, outlet for charging batteries to replace the logo on the false radiator lattice.

Recall that the usual Lada Granta goes on sale later this year.


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