Korean photographer Spots 2015 Hyundai Sonata


Korean photographer Spots 2015 Hyundai Sonata
Hyundai has already announced that it will be debuting its 2015 Sonata at the New York Auto Show but just before it a Korean photographer has got some pictures of it.
The pictures have been put up on a website called Bobaedream.co.kr and they show the car with no camouflage. It was then followed up by a blog on Korean Car stating that the engine was a GDI with turbocharger that could manage 274 horsepower and it also has a seven speed dual clutch transmission.
The photos seem like they have come from a reliable source on the inside but it is not known for sure whether they did or this is a just a guess about the engine capabilities. It does reveal what direction the Sonata is going in though. The front end looks the same as was revealed in the last teaser picture with a prominent grille and a new headlamp design. The grille does not look the same as in the teaser as it does not have the graphical surround that it did but the pictures are low resolution and so this may have something to do with it. It does show that there is sheet metal on the bonnet and that the sides of the body are clean, straight and have less fuss with regards to detail than the current car does. It could be that this is the Korean version of the car but it may be the one that is headed for the US, it is not clear here. There are rumours that they look very similar anyway.
Some people may feel that the car is a step backwards with regards to its design or that it shows a new look with regards to image for the car. It is all down to personal opinion.


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