Kia Soul (2013) spy shots and secrets


An original and new form of Soul mini SUV-cum-hatch is prepared by the Kia industry. After seeing the spy shots tells us that the al new features and designed are showing at the California’s Death valley in the Souls cabin.
What are the new features in Kia soul Spy shots?

We can see that Kia presents the New light feature’s on the front and also in the rear cover glancing finished- this feature is also found in the Kia Souls mid-life Facelift which is showed in 2011 at the end of year. There are also cover twists in the bumper and its styles. Also there is a new cabin which is design better and it’s the most interested part too here.

Kia presents the new air outlet’s that have on the dash with round shape, and we can see that there are also extra features available like more beautiful lift of the soul.
There is also a new and beautiful look of controls related to infotainment is proposed by a taped-up centre, this will be showing with the latest and best gifts of Kia Soul, Such as Sportage crossover and Rio Supermini.

The New KIA Soul will be seen when?

In the US this Kia soul is very popular in Young one buyers and Kia is also launching its NEW Kia soul in the United States of America.

This is the reason that’s why KIA doesn’t allows more new features in the new car and gives the same and parallel features from the current version: Kia is now presenting the same style instead of a new one because clients who is a buyer’s doesn’t want a new one design in Soul because it is already a smash hit. So I suggest that all buyers can now keep their eyes on the new motor car show for the new look and new features of Kia soul in the 2013 at New York or Chicago.

Any more Kia Soul news?

Actually there are many other news of this like there are also two more feature in the new KIA soul like one is its Open-top pick up and also a three-door hot hatch, and this will be in the new Coming Kia SOUl that will joined the market of cars in the coming year. Now after this a question comes in mind that why these ideas are similar? This because Kia industry tells about these features already and they are now presents these by seeing the demand on US buyers.
Everyone knows that the market of the UK is a good and sales one market for the HOT hatch sales, so Kia now searching for good and best features like squatted-down three door soul, souped up and also with the performances of minisuper SUV bluffness. So Kia thoughts, in the 2014 they will come with a new Soul at UK.


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