Kia Sorento Pictured While Testing


Kia has only just refreshed the current model of the Kia Sorento, which is in showrooms ready for the 2014 year and they now seem to be testing a next generation model. It looks like testing is a long way along as well because there is very little cladding or covering on the car that has recently been photographed.
There has not been a lot of information released though and so it is pretty much down to guess work about the technicalities. It is expected there will be a Hyundai/Kia 2.0 litre engine but other details will have to be gathered later. The photographers have reported that this car is larger than the current model which may mean that it is on the long wheelbase of the Hyundai Santa Fe. The size could mean that there will be room for a V6 model and from the profile views of the vehicle it could be a three row model.
It is difficult to tell when this model might be on forecourts though, especially in light of the refreshed current model only just being there. It is expected that it will at least be next year with it being likely that it might be towards the end of next year with a 2015 sale date.
However, there are sources that believe that the car photographed is not a new Sorento at all but something quite different. Some people believe that it is a rear wheel drive CUV which could be the production version of the Cross GT Concept.  Rumour has it that this crossover has a Genesis platform and will be pitched at a more upmarket customer from the usual Kia cars. It is thought it could be around before the 2016 model year. In some ways this could make more sense, but nothing has been confirmed either way.


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