Kia Sedona is Even Less Diguised


The 2015 Kia Sedona has previously been spotted in testing completely camouflaged. However, some of this has been removed and so the latest pictures reveal more about what it might look like. The mini van does not take that much in the way of style from the 2012 KN7 which is a shame for those who enjoyed the way that it looked but it should still be able to hold its own in this market, from what can be seen from these pictures.
There is a black and white pattern covering most of the body still as well as on the side doors, which means that not much can be said about these. However the spy shots do reveal that the side window shape will be quite different and it can be seen in the pictures. The pinched daylight opening is the same as on the KV7 and liftgate glass in the window means that its line dips back down again. The spoiler looks rather like something that might be expected to be seen on a Porsche Cayenne.
No dates have been announced with regards to when this will be  unveiled but it does seem like things are moving along pretty fast and it is expected that it will not be long until a date is announced.


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