Kia Sedona (Grand carnival) 2015 seen testing in Europe


Pictures have been taken of the Kia Sedona Grand Carnival being tested for the very first time. It was seen in Southern Europe and pictures were taken of the car which will be known either as the Kia Sedona or Grand Carnival depending on which country it is sold in. However, despite being tested in Europe, it will not be sold there.
The car has a lot of disguise and so it is not that easy to see it. However, it is expected that it will have styling cues from Kia’s new range such as the sliding rear doors, tailgate mounted spoiler and sweptback headlights. The original model was unlike other Kias. By studying the pictures, it can be seen that these style features look to be present on this car.
It is expecting that the car will not be officially unveiled until next year.


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