Kia Picanto 2017 Was Noticed by Spies during the Testing


car spy photos Kia Picanto 2017

The other days a new hatchback Kia Picanto was spotted during the testing. The automobile, which was covered in a blanket, is supposed to substitute the current city model. The car is expected to be out in the end of 2017.

New Picanto will be put in one row with the model i10 made by Hyundai. The current version of Picanto has been out in the market since 2011. In 2013, it underwent some facelift and in the beginning of 2015 the automobile was prettified a little.

As the car was camouflaged during the testing it is hard to specify what new features it will get. On the car spy photos Kia Picanto 2017 it is noticeable that the trunk got a little bigger and the headlights in front became wider with some LED features. The lights in the back that were partially seen during the testing will also have LED.

The body of a new automobile will have five doors. For now there is no information whether a version with three doors will be available as well. A current version of Picanto has both three and five doors, but perhaps this time the manufactures will want to cut the production costs by offering only the five-door model for the customers.


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