Jim Gaffigan in a New Commercial for Chrysler’s Pacifica 2017


Jim Gaffigan in a New Commercial for Chrysler's Pacifica 2017

Chrysler is about to start the sales of its new minivan Pacifica. In order to promote the upcoming sales, the company invited Jim Gaffigan to star in the advertisements for the minivan.

In advertisements Jim shows the automobiles all good features and explains why it is a great vehicle for dads. Jim demonstrates the features of safety and comfort like parking help, entertainment system in the back seat, and contactless sliding back door. In the advertisements, Jim is together with his kids and his wife.

There are totally five advertisements. Each advertisement focuses on its own subject, like family scenarios, safety characteristics of the minivan, observing neighbors, passing on private ownership, and defeating a woman at tennis.

The commercials however dont mention anything about the power train details of the minivan, which would have been very interesting to know taking into account the fact that Pacifica is disposable in a hybrid variant, which is the first time in the segment of minivans. The minivan is a hybrid plugin, which is able to surpass 30 miles on the electric charge. It has an engine for 3.6 liters Pentastar and six cylinders.



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