Jeep Cherokee 2014 Pricing Announced


Jeep Cherokee 2014 Pricing Announced
The new 2014 Jeep Cherokee has changed a lot since its original design in the 90’s. It has had to cope with higher fuel prices and roads that are in disrepair. However, the new model can help with both of these issues, if you make a careful choice. There are many versions to choose from and so it is a case of balancing price with capability.

There is a front end model priced at just $23,990. It is based on the modular Compact US wide platform by Fiat and Chrysler and therefore will not be that good on off road terrains. However, many people who buy this sort of vehicle do not actually need much off road use and as it will be expected to do 31mpg on the road, it could be a wise choice for some. It will have a 2.4 litre engine with four cylinders and the world’s first nine speed automatic gear box.

The Cherokee sport has black plastic door handles and lowly hubcaps as well as 10 airbags. It also has a new infortainment system with acoustic laminated windscreen and air conditioning vents in the back of the car.  These are better features than the 2014 Suburu Forester has, which is its closest competitor and it is slightly cheaper than that model was.

There are four wheel drive options in three versions which add cost to the vehicle. The Sport and Latitude are $25,490 and the Limited $28,990. There is a fully automatic all-wheel drive setup called active drive 1. There is also an option of the Active Drive II on all but the Sport model which has the capability of providing a front and rear power split by half and half using a low range transfer case. The Active Jeep Lock adds on to that a locking rear differential which is only available as an option on the $30,490 Trailhawk. All of the systems have the Selec-Terrain drive modes which are on the Grand Cherokee and change the suspension and terrain according to the surface of the road. It is also possible to disconnect the rear axle from the engine when it is not needed so that it reduces the fuel usage.

The Latitude and Standard models have the option of the 8.4 inch Uconnect touch screen which comes as standard on the Limited and Trailhawk models. These last two also have a seven instrument display panel which is customisable as well as leather seats. There are also options of a V6 3.2 litre engine, dual pane sunroof and 506 watt ten speaker Alpine stereo on both them and the Latitude.

It is expected that the car will arrive on the forecourts in the autumn.


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