Jaguar XFR-S (2012): is this it?


Jaguar XFR-S (2012): is this it?
Jaguar has left no stone unturned. In order to get on the same line with its German Rival, Jaguar worked its way to upgrade XFR. It did so by supercharging with 542 hp V8 from XKR-S. This poses a direct challenge to the Mercedes E63 AMG and also the BMW M5.
While closely inspecting the available spy shots, it seems like XFR is the speed pack. The taller boot, integrated brake light, deeper front, it is got it all. The car wears what most know it as the Black Pack which is the usual chrome. The buyer needs to pick between the two, can’t go about having both.Questions like whether an XFR-S gives you more option? Why does Jaguar need a hotter XFR? Etc. comes in the minds of the buyers.
As per the XFR launch in 2009, the offering in the form of 503 bhp was considered as favorable when it was compared with the BMW M5 which offers 507 bhp and Mercedes E63 that offers 517bhp.
Since then, the scene has changed. With the new rivals entering the market, i.e. the Porsche Panamera, one could see the XFR tailing behind. The current offering 552 bhp, on the other hand the power pack with the E63 is at 549 bhp.
To ensure that the pace is never less, and the company is going steady ahead, the company’s decision to plumb the supercharged V8 542 bhp to XFR from XKR-S.
How fast is the Jaguar XFR-S likely to be?
The figures suggest that it is possible the XFR-S will get back in with the German Rivals league. It is definitely a lot better alternative lined up for the Jaguar buyers who want a performance oriented vehicle without many comprises.
However, to get all this, there will be a price that needs to be paid and afforded by the buyers. The XKR-S has the rate of £18,500 higher than the standard version. This means there will be a hike for the XFR-S as well, the price is to go around £83,880. There is no official word spread in terms of the right price, it is yet to be quoted.


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